DISCLAIMER: I do not own either Pokémon or Topps, rather I owe them.

Topps Pokémon CardDex is a free database application to make an inventory of your Topps Pokémon Trading Cards collection.

Topps Pokémon Trading Cards were produced from 1999 to 2006 by Topps.
12 series were made:
• Pokémon Trading Cards series 1
• Pokémon Trading Cards series 2
• Pokémon Trading Cards series 3
• Pokémon Chrome Trading Cards series 1
• Pokémon Chrome Trading Cards series 2
• Pokémon the First Movie Trading Cards
• Pokémon the Movie 2000 Trading Cards
• Pokémon Johto Trading Cards series 1
• Pokémon Johto League Champions Trading Cards
• Pokémon Advanced Trading Cards
• Pokémon Advanced Challange Trading Cards
• Pokémon Top 10 Collector Cards

The application features:
• A database to make an inventory of owned cards:

- Database includes the 12 main series and some of the non-english based series.
- Database distinguishes between different editions of a series.
- Database distinguishes between different foil types.
- Error cards and cards unknown to the database can be added.

• An overview which includes a description of the series, including pictures of packs, booster boxes, posters, etc.
• An overview which includes a description of different foil types.
• A tool to check the percentage of owned cards (according to your parameters).
• A tool to create text lists with information regarding how many cards you have, how many duplicates and which one you are missing (according to your parameters).

The application is currently in its beta version. Here's a download to test it:
The application should work on Windows operating systems (for me it worked on 7 and 8). Windows will probably initially block the executable file because it's from unknown origins, but tell it to execute it all the same, it's not a virus, I'm just not professional enough to know how to make safe-looking application. It will also ask you to install Microsoft ".Net", which is the framework that supports my application, I'n not sure if it may work without it.

     Beta Setup Topps Pokémon CardDex - beta

How can you help this project?
• By reporting bugs in the software. I did some testing, but third parties always find combinations of actions the developer doesn't think of, plus I could only test it on my own computer which already had all the right components installed.
• By sending me additional information about the series and their content, specifically:

- Are there any cards you have in your possession that didn't fit anywhere on the database (eg. doesn't belong to any series, belongs to a series but the foil type is wrong, etc.)? Please let me know and send a picture of the card.
- Are you aware of any series apart from those included in the database? Concerning this, I suspect there might be a Blue Logo/Round Seal Series 2 for both UK and Germany, since for both there is a Blue Logo/Round Seal Series 1 and Johto Series (in which case they would have the same series pattern as France and Italy). Also there might be some Spanish series, though I've never seen any card. I would greatly like information on this and if you can, I'd also like the pictures of the checklist and the back of a card from presumably unknown series.
- I have almost no information on series Top 10 Collector. I've been told it may not have reached the market. If you know anything more than what's already written in the application's series overview let me know.
- I have 3 foil with the back of the card reversed, but no regular card with this error. This is not meant to be an error relative to an edition because I pulled correctly and wrongly orientated foils from the same booster box. I'd like to have more data since the error seems to be common. I was wondering if the error was only on some cards of a pokémon or on all of them, I mean, my chromatic moltres, my chromatic jinx and my metallic kabuto have the back reversed, while my chromatic jolteon is correct, so, are all chromatic moltres, chromatic jinx and metallic kabuto reversed and all chromatic jolteon correct or is it random? I think this is relevant because if its random I'd inventory them with the error cards, but if all are like that I'd put them in their regular place in the database.

• By sending me pictures I might add to the application:

- Boxes', Posters', Binders' pictures which I don't already have.
- Packs' pictures that I don't have or that I have in low quality. The straighter the pack is in the picture, the better. Scanned pictures are the best.
- As you can see in the "Foil overview" tool, I've tried to put pikachu pictures as an example, but in some case I haven't found one or have found it only watermarked, so I'm still looking for better ones.
- Tought most cards pictures are there, many are still missing because I dont' have them. Obviously it's a long work to scan all of that cards, so I'm not asking for that, but if you feel like helping with a couple of cards you're welcome. Keep in mind that I am still trying to acquire the most common cards, so scans are more useful if they are of cards I will probably never own, like chase cards from later series and all cards from foreign series. Scans should be made at a very high resolution and big size, with the cards positioned as straight as possible and all visible. If you send me scans I will convert them in proper picture to use in the application. I usually scan 6 pictures at a time with a 600 dpi resolution. To avoid doing the job twice I'm waiting till I'm sure I won't be buying anymore cards to fill the voids with lower quality pictures found on the internet.

• By selling me cards xD (at convenient prices, I'm poor): This is my missing list CLICK HERE, these are all the cards I miss, but I'm mostly interested in cards listed in checklists, chase cards only if they are from the firsts series or cheap.

For all of this, here's my e-mail adress:

• Quickest way to add regular cards is to scroll through the table with up and down arrows and press the "+" key.
• Quickest way to add foil cards is right click on the cell and then on "add".
• To back up your saved data you may copy the carddex.dat file in a safe place. In my computer it's in C:\ProgramDataTopps Pokémon CardDex\savefile, though the location may vary.

Hope you like it!

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- Catalogue Topps Pokémon Cards.
- Discover information about series.
- Calculate statistics about your collection.
- Make text lists for card count, duplicates and missing cards.

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