Yumeno Fufe's Metronome is a free application which serves as a digital metronome.

The application features:
A metronome.
Volume, BMP and time signature controls.
A control to tap for BPM.
Costumizable beat.
Four different covers.

The application is currently in its beta version. Here's a download to test it:
The application should work on Windows 8 or later operating systems. Windows will probably initially block the executable file because it's from unknown origins, but tell it to execute it all the same, it's not a virus, I'm just not professional enough to know how to make safe-looking application. It will also ask you to install Microsoft ".Net", which is the framework that supports my application, I'n not sure if it may work without it.

     Beta Setup Yumeno Fufe's Metronome - beta

How can you help this project?
By reporting bugs in the software. I did some testing, but third parties always find combinations of actions the developer doesn't think of, plus I could only test it on my own computer which already had all the right components installed.
On some computers the beats stops for a while if the BMP is changed while the metronome is going. I need to know if it's a common issue and discover the reason behind it.
If anything seems amiss, it's probably a bug. If it's not a bug I may want to do better all the same, so let me know.

For all of this, here's my e-mail adress:

Hope you like it!

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- Metronome.
- Volume, BMP and time signature controls.
- Tap-for-BPM control.
- Costumizable beat.
- Four different covers.

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